Quality Carburizing & Case Hardening Heat Treating

Carburizing heat treatment is a heat treating process offered by General Metal for iron or steel components. This method involves adding carbon atoms to the outer surface of the steel. Carburizing — also called case hardening — changes the chemistry of the workpieces at their surface, while leaving the interior chemistry unchanged.

Why use carburizing heat treatment?

Though carburizing has been a heat treating process for a long time, companies like General Metal Heat Treating have evolved the methods using advanced heat treating techniques and equipment. These improvements mean our carburizing process yields improved hardness and durability.

The surfaces produced by carburizing are tougher, and resistant to damage and wear. However, this process allows all treated metals to maintain their strength at the core. Bearings, gears and other low carbon steel components are usually treated with carburizing. Have a complex shape that needs heat treating? No problem!

Why choose General Metal Heat Treating for case hardening?

Our customers know they can count on us for quality heat treating services such as carburizing. We serve a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, nuclear, mining and medical. As a leader in heat treating in the Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding areas, we provide our outstanding level of quality, service and on time delivery to all industries we serve. At General Metal, we aim to build lasting relationships with our customers, who we consider our valued partners.

  • We provide a full range of heat treating services, making it convenient for our clients to get all of their metal heat treating needs under one roof.
  • We assure that our processes and systems meet the most demanding of industry standards.
  • We pride ourselves on employing quality craftsmen, and providing our employees with a safe environment for work.

Our goal is to consistently satisfy the needs of our customers by providing heat treating services done with accuracy and care. We are ready to meet your heat treating needs. Let’s get started. Request a quote today or give us a call at (216) 391-0886.

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