Quality Annealing Heat Treatment

As part of our high-quality heat treating processes, General Metal offers annealing heat treatment services. Think of annealing as the opposite of hardening. We anneal metals to soften them, refine grain structure, and make them more pliable. Annealing is a heat treatment process where a metal is heated to a specified temperature–sometimes slightly above the metal’s critical temperature–then we hold the temperature for a set period of time, then cooling the metal to room temperature. The method of cooling will largely depend on the properties desired. In order for the annealing process to be successful the cooling period has to happen slowly, and with great care.

Annealing heat treatment allows the material to be softer and easier to machine, removing any internal stresses that may have been created during the forming process. It is typically used to increase the ductility of all types of steel, as well as other non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum.

Types of annealing heat treatment we offer include:

  • Full annealing
  • Process annealing
  • Stress relief annealing
  • Spherodise annealing
  • Isothermal annealing

Why choose General Metal Heat Treating for annealing heat treating?

We are a leading heat treater in the Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding areas. As an owner operated company, we pride ourselves in knowing our customers.

  • We are dedicated to becoming a valued partner to our customers by providing outstanding quality, excellent service and on-time delivery.
  • On top of our quality heat treating services, we aim to build long term relationships with our customers. It’s no coincidence that the majority of our customers have come to us as referrals.
  • We provide a full range of heat treating services making it convenient for our clients to get all of their metal heat treating needs under one roof.
  • We assure that our processes and systems meet the most demanding of industry standards.

Our goal is to consistently satisfy the needs of our customers by providing heat treating services done with accuracy and care. We are ready to partner with you. Let’s get started. Request a quote today or give us a call at (216) 391-0886.

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