Precipitation Hardening/Aging Heat Treating

General Metal Heat Treating offers aging heat treatment services, also called precipitation hardening, to increase the hardness of certain materials. This heat treating process involves heating material at a relatively low temperature, and keeping it at that temperature for hours.

Though metals such as aluminum, copper, lead, steel, and zinc tend to transform over time due to exposure to natural environmental elements, aging is a heat treatment that can accelerate this process while under the careful watch of an expert heat treating team. During aging, or precipitation hardening, there needs to be care taken to ensure that the materials do not revert to their original configuration and that the process doesn’t continue past a specific time.

Benefits of our aging heat treatment services include:

  • Enhanced strength of alloys
  • Helps certain metals achieve high coercivity
  • Helps eliminate unstable conditions of a metal, brought upon by prior operation

Why choose General Metal for your aging heat treatment needs?

Whether in manufacturing or aircraft repair, our customers know they can count on General Metal Heat Treating for quality heat treating services such as aging. We serve a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, nuclear, mining and medical. We provide our outstanding level of quality, service and on time delivery to all industries we serve. At General Metal we aim to build lasting relationships with our customers, who we consider our valued partners in work. We pride ourselves on employing quality craftsmen, and providing our employees with a safe environment for work.

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