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At General Metal Heat Treating we specialize in heat treating services for the aerospace, automotive, and nuclear industries. Our goal is to provide customers with the service and quality they’ve come to expect from our owner-operated company.

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BPS 4140, BPS 4467, MIL-H-6875, AMS-H-6875, BAC 5617, BAC 5619, CST1028, CSMP004, CSPS, TAP-PS-548, PAT-PS564, TAP-PS-596, TAP-PS-669, TAP-PS-764, TAP-PS-920, TAP-PS-942, AMS2759, AMS2759/1, AMS 2759/2, AMS 2759/3, AMS 2759/5, AMS 2759/11, AMS 5662, AMS 5663, LGPS 2000, LGPS 2002, HT5088, P6000, 91547-P6000, RRQ, RRU6, RRT9, EPS 260

AERO Controlex


Bell Helicopter

BPS 4140, BPS 4467


BAC 5616, BAC 5617, MIL-H-6875 Heat Treat-Alloy Steel, AMS-H-6875-Heat
Treatment of Steel Raw Materials, BAC 5619


CSMP004, CSTI028, CSPS062


MIL-H-6875, AMS-H-6875, TAP-PS-548, TAP-PS-596, TAP-PS-564, TAP-PS-669,
TAP-PS-764, TAP-PS-920

Hamilton Sundstrand


91547-P6000 Types 1 and 2; AMS 2759/3; AMS 2759/5; AMS-H-6875; MIL-H-6875; HT5088; P6000 Types 1 and 2

Lockheed Martin

AMS-H-6875A, AMS 2759, AMS 2759/1, AMS 2759/2, AMS 2759/3, AMS 2759/5


AMS-5662, Alloy Bars Forgings and Rings, AMS-H-6875, Heat Treatment of Steel, MIL-H-6875 Heat Treatment of Steel, PRD-S-0002 Flight Safety Parts Program.


AMS 2759, AMS 2759/1, AMS 2759/2, AMS 2759/3, AMS 2759/5, BPS 4602, BPS 4620




UTC Aerospace Systems

AMS 2759, AMS 2759/1, AMS 2759/2, AMS 2759/3, AMS 2759/5, AMS 2759/11

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