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General Metal Heat Treating is an independently owned company in business since 1942. We provide heat treating services to customers with demanding process requirements. This includes the aerospace, automotive, and nuclear industries.

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General Metal Heat Treating prides itself as an owner operated company. We know our customers by name and we build long term relationships with our customers. The majority of our customers have come to us as referrals.


At General Metal Heat Treating, we consider ourselves to be craftsmen, not salesmen. We believe what we do for our customers is the most effective sales effort.


General Metal Heat Treating serves a range of industries including aerospace, automotive, nuclear, mining and medical. We provide our outstanding level of quality, service and on time delivery to all industries we serve.


General Metal Heat Treating looks forward to quoting your work. Please be advised that General Metal Heat Treating is a member of the Metal Treating Institute and all work performed by it is limited by the Metal Treating Institute’s Statement of Limited Liability. A copy of the MTI Statement of Limited Liability can be found by clicking the link below or by reviewing page two of all Quotes issued. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you.


MTI Statement of Liabilty


General Metal’s ability to achieve the desired mechanical properties of steel is the result of our extensive knowledge and experience in controlling microstructure. Each job analysis, including the chemistry of the material, is considered as having individual transformation characteristics, and the heat treating cycle is “tailor made to fit”. The experience, the diversity, and the availability of equipment to do a specific job in conformance with precise customer specifications, producing a quality product reliably and on time is what makes General Metal Heat Treating a valued partner to our customers.


GMHT is a Nadcap and AS9100D approved supplier.

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