Solution Heat Treatment Services

Solution Heat Treating Processes and Applications

heat treating processesGeneral Metal Heat Treating offers solution heat treatment services that are perfect for applying heat quickly and evenly. Solution heat treating is the process of heating a material to an elevated temperate before soaking it in a solution for a period of time. The metal is then cooled at a fast rate to prevent the final product from being under-saturated.

We offer precision solution treating for any of your steel parts. To provide you the best heat treating experience, we evaluate everything from the chemistry of the material to the availability of equipment. If you need heat treating services done efficiently and with custom tailored processes, trust your work to General Metal Heat Treating.

Why choose solution heat treatment?

Solution heat treating is usually applied to soften or anneal a metal. Because this heat treatment process involves conduction instead of radiation, the heat can be applied more evenly to larger areas in a faster amount of time. This heat treating process is also known for it’s ability to increase the strength and durability of some metals and steels.

Why choose General Metal for your heat treating needs?

At General Metal Heat Treating we serve a wide range of industries that include aerospace, automotive, nuclear, mining and medical. The outstanding level of quality and service we provide allows us to build long term relationships with our customers. When you choose General Metal you can expect:

  • A full range of heat treating solutions.
  • Quality system that meet the most demanding industry standards.
  • Expert craftsmen who understand that your reputation depends upon our accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Expert employees who work in a safe, open atmosphere of continuous improvement.

We are looking forward to working with you. Let’s get started! Contact us today to request a quote today or give us a call at (216) 391-0886.

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