Homogenization Heat Treatment Services

Quality Homogenization Heat Treatment Process

quality heat treatingThe homogenization heat treatment process is one of the many solutions offered by General Metal Heat Treating. This process involves the removal of chemical segregation through a high temperature heat treatment.

Why use homogenization heat treatment?

Homogenization improves the technological plasticity of alloys, increases the stability of the mechanical properties, and decreases their directionality. This type of heat treatment absorbs the segregation and coring found in castings and other metals, and produces a more uniform structure made to meet your specific requirements. General Metal is prepared to meet your heat treating needs with equipment capable of accommodating a variety of materials and meet rigorous industry standards.

Why choose General Metal for your homogenizing heat treatment?

General Metal Heat Treating, an owner-operated company, has been providing expert heat treating solutions since 1942. Our industry experience has allowed us to supply heat treating services to customers with demanding process requirements. We consider our customers valued partners in your project, and understand that you need a heat treating solution that is made to fit your specific needs. You can count on the expert craftsmen at General Metal to handle your heat treating job with care and precision. We’re ready to create a heat treating solution for you! Request a quote to learn more about our heat treating services and the industries we serve. You can also contact us at (216) 391-0886 for more information.

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