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Quality Hardening Heat Treatment

metal heat treatmentGeneral Metal provides a variety of high quality heat treating processes, including hardening heat treatment. This process involves heating steel, keeping it at the appropriate temperature, and then quickly quenching the metal in water or oil. Hardening heat treatment processes are typically utilized to give specific mechanical properties to a metal part, making it more suitable for the desired use.

Why use hardening heat treatment?

Treating metals with this process can help prevent them from wearing, which can be useful for tools used in heavy duty manufacturing. Hardening heat treating increases the brittleness of the steel, and creates a metal that won’t break as easily.

Why choose General Metal for your heat treating needs?

When you work with General Metal you work with craftsmen, not salesmen. Our goal is to provide heat treating processes and systems meet the most demanding of industry standards. As an owner operated company, we’re proud to serve a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, nuclear, mining and medical. We know our customers by name, and aim to provide an outstanding level of quality, service and on time delivery to everyone we serve.

Learn more about how General Metal consistently satisfies the needs of our customers by providing heat treating services done with accuracy and care. We are ready to meet your heat treating needs. Let’s get started! Request a quote today or give us a call at (216) 391-0886.

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